Monday, February 18, 2013

Crossing the Line

It's been a full on start to the year. Preparations for the Sandhurst site, lots of preaching, 40 days of prayer, the Willow iDisciple conference and much more. I'm feeling physically exhausted and in need of a break (although hugely encouraged by all God is doing), so in the language of Bill Hybels I'm going to 'cross the line' once I've finished writing this blog, turn off my email and stop for the next 4 days. That also means no finance prayer meeting on Thursday morning - I hope all of you who are normally there manage to have a lie in instead!

I'm going to relax, read books, spend time with the family, walk Nemo, do some half marathon training and see if I can manage to watch all of season one of "The Killing" (I love Scandinavian crime dramas!). I wrote in the peach and the coconut about the need from rhythm in our lives, and I know that these next few days are part of me finding rhythm in mine, and being ready to go again all the way through to Easter. I hope you're managing to find rhythm in your life too - if not remember that nobody else is going to make it happen for you :)

See you soon!


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