Monday, February 25, 2013

Sweetly Broken

If you had the privilege of being in church on Sunday morning, then you may well have the chorus of the song "Sweetly Broken" which Amanda and the band taught us going round your head. I certainly have, not in that deeply annoying "It's a Small World" way any of you who have been to a Disney theme park may have experienced, but in a way which has been ministering to something deep within me. You can listen to the song and read the lyrics here, although I have to admit I'd bought it on iTunes by the time I got home :)

Callum, Marta and the rest of the youth band did something similar in the evening, teaching us the song "One Thing Remains" by Jesus Culture. I first came across this song at the One conference last summer and absolutely love it. You can listen to it here.

If you missed church completely on Sunday then as soon as its up please make sure to listen to Stephen Matthew message. It was so relevant to where we're at as a community and I know really spoke to me.

Hope you have a great week and happy listening.


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