Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This Sunday is one of ever popular Ten10 Sundays, with ten different preachers across the three meetings speaking for 10 minutes each. There is very little co-ordination between the speakers as to what they're going to speak on, so it's always amazing to me how what they bring always dovetails together so well - I've got no doubt that it will work the same way this time too.

The speakers at the three meetings are:

9am – Martin Lines, Steve Cronin, Pip Reeve

11am – Mark Jolly, Sam Jackson, Steve Parker

7pm – Neil Taylor, Irene Mooney, Gabriele Bytautaite, Sue Ranger

Stephen Matthew spoke last week about the importance of empowering people to be involved in the life of the church - this is one of the many ways we are seeking to do that.


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