Friday, February 22, 2013

X3 Pure Course

Pornography must be one of the biggest 'hidden' issues which Christian's struggle with today, especially in an age when the internet makes it so freely available. Many of you will have heard me speak on how when I first started travelling with work, one of my biggest struggles was with watching the wrong stuff on the TV in hotel rooms. I know that many of you could tell similar stories, and that many in our community live with this as a daily struggle.
I'm therefore delighted that Iain Bailey, part of Kerith, has been piloting an 8 week video based course, called X3 Pure from, which aims to help men struggling with any sexual sin. He's about to run the course again, starting on 13th March from 8-10pm.
Numbers on the course are limited to 10 people. The course costs £20 for the 8 weeks which covers printing costs, DVD cost and refreshments.
This is what one of the guys on the pilot course had to say:
"Going through the video teachings and discussions each week with the group gave me a hope that addiction to pornography could be overcome for good and that I didn't have to keep relapsing after a few free days. The video teachings have given me a greater understanding of sexual addiction and helped me ask some difficult questions of myself. It also showed me a way to break free of addiction and in the weeks after the group I have become far more confident in my ability to resist sexual temptation and pornography."
If you're interested in being a part of this next course then please email Iain at with the subject line "Men's Group".

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