Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Great Sunday Coming Up

I wasn't in church last Sunday, but I've heard so many great things about the preaches from Pete Moon, Zoe Hayes and Andy Partington - sadly the recording of Pete's message went wrong (I'm hoping we'll get him to re-record it) but I've been catching up on the podcasts of Zoe and Andy - very inspiring.

This Sunday we've got another treat in store. In the morning our very own Sola Osinoiki is speaking. I love what Sola brings to our community, not only his prophetic gifting and his ability to connect with people and bring Godly input and encouragement, but also his ability to think strategically which perhaps fewer people would see but which is proving vital as we continually restructure to cope with the numerical growth and ministry expansion we are experiencing.

Then in the evening Ben Cooley from Hope for Justice is going to be with us. The goal of Hope for Justice is to see the end of human trafficking and slavery in the UK in our generation. Ben is a leader with incredible passion for achieving that, and I'm sure you'll be inspired by what he has to say.

It was also a Gift Day last Sunday - I'm really looking forward to letting you know what the total was this Sunday.

Hope to see you on Sunday.



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