Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Gift Days

A huge thank you to everyone who has given to our April 'Giving to Grow' Gift Days.

As of last Friday the total with gift aid was £30,200. That is just brilliant, and means that included in with the March gift day we now have £63,800, which is over 20% of the way to the overall target of £310,000 - praise God!

The money we've got in already will allow us to pay the deposit and legal fees on the college house, pay off a number of interest free loans, begin to redevelop the main office and Spurgeon room for LIFE unleashed (what was J-Gen) and years 5-6 on a Sunday, do the work on the Brook Lounge so this can be used by parents with babies on a Sunday, and have over £6,000 of tithe to give away locally and overseas. And that's only the beginning of all that we hope to do this year with the remainder of the gift day money as it comes in.

I know that more money has been given since last Friday so I'll have an updated figure this Sunday. I'll also talk about where the first of the tithe money will be going - all very exciting.

If you still want to give to the April gift day then you can either do it online, or put it into the regular Sunday offering in one of the envelopes with "Gift Day" written on it.

Thanks again to everyone who gave, and to Christ who is our inspiration for all our generosity!


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