Monday, April 15, 2013

April Prayer Meetings

Last September Catrina and I took the decision to join the gym at Bracknell Sports Centre. I was seriously unfit, and starting to develop a growing 'spare tyre' around my middle, neither of which I was very happy about. Since then we've been going three times a week, and the progress although gradual has been quite remarkable. If I'm honest I never want to go, but I know that the discipline has done me a huge amount of good, losing over a stone in weight and managing to get all the way round the Reading Half Marathon last month.

Sometimes I feel that prayer is a bit like that. If I'm honest I can always think of something else I could be doing, or would rather be doing, but I know that when I'm disciplined in prayer my whole life is different, and that things which seemed impossible suddenly become possibilities. I therefore want to strongly encourage all of us to make it to the church prayer meetings this week. I can't promise you'll lose weight (although if you fast as well you might!), but I can promise you that you'll open yourself up to meeting with God and seeing supernatural breakthrough in your life.

A group of us will be meeting from 7-8pm in K2 to pray for all of our Social Justice ministries. Then from 8-9pm I'll be leading us as we pray for the wider church. There are quite a few bits of information I want to share which we can pray about and thank God for, and a number of decision we face as a community which I'd love us to ask for God's wisdom on. Some of this stuff I probably won't share in any other context, so please be there if you possibly can. We'll also find time to pray for one another.

We also restart the finance prayer meeting on Thursday this week, 6-7am in the Kerith Centre, where we pray not only for money but also for more and more people to get saved through Kerith. I know that the handful of us who gather there every week to pray have seen amazing breakthroughs, both personally and for the church. I for one really dislike getting up at that time in the morning, but I know that the discipline does me good and that I always come away from it glad that I made the effort.

If you need a breakthrough in your life, or long to see God do even more in us as a community, please join us to pray on Wednesday or Thursday. Hope to see you there!


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