Monday, April 29, 2013

James and the Violin and Pete Moon

If you weren't around on Sunday you'll have missed the video the team produced, based on the construction of a violin, about how the trials in our life can produce something of great value and worth. Even if you were around it's worth watching again - you should be able to see it above, but if not follow this link. You can also catch up on the sermon here.

In addition to that Pete Moon re-recorded his preach from a couple of weeks ago (for some reason the recording didn't work the first time round). You can catch up on that here - it's very powerful so please listen to it if you missed it first time round.

I want to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers, who week after week upload all the sermons and videos to the website or the rest of us to enjoy - they are all heroes!


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Phillip said...

Great start to an exciting new series, Simon. really challenged my understanding and approach to my relationships, especially with Donavan. I'll be reviewing the notes I made this week. encouraging to find that Charles Spurgeon said as much as you did all those years ago. Shows that God's message is the sake yesterday, today and forever: follow link if interested: