Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Serving Our Children Better

Over the last few years we've seen huge growth in our children's work. The number of children on a Sunday has more than doubled, and we now regularly have over one hundred 5-11's across the two morning meetings. This is all great, but growth always produces problems which need to be solved if we want to continue growing. For a number of years we've managed the growth by taking over unused rooms in K2, up to the point where we now use every room in K2.

To create more space we earlier this year moved many of our staff offsite to free up space in the Kerith Centre, and we're about to start making use of that space from this Sunday.

So from this Sunday (12th May) the Brooke Lounge will be set up as a Parent and Baby / Toddler room. This will be a space for new parents to bring their babies and children into as it will have a TV with a live feed into the meeting in the auditorium, so that they won't miss any of the meeting. There will also be provision made for breast feeding mums to use this room to feed their babies in a private space.


Then Life Unleashed (which used to be called J-Gen) will be meeting in the old main office upstairs at the normal time (usually once the offering has been taken in the adult meeting).

Finally years 5,6 - the present Boulder Gang group in K2, will now be meeting upstairs in the Spurgeon hall from Sunday 12th May. Their registration will happen in the upstairs Lounge at 8:50am and 10:50am, after which they will be in the adult meeting for worship before going to their group for their meeting. They will then meet their parents back at the registration point at the end of each meeting for collection.

All of this is with an aim to serving our children and young people as well as possible. If there are any teething problems then please be part of the solution in helping to resolve any problems that arise.

All very exciting.


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