Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Christian 1:6 Diet

I was chatting on Sunday to a couple in our church who are doing the 5:2 diet. Basically this involves eating normally five days of the week, and then for the other two days only having a quarter of your normal calorie intake. They seem to be doing really well on it, so maybe there's something in it!

That got me to wondering how many Christians are on the 1:6 spiritual diet - getting spiritually 'fed' one day a week on a Sunday, then going a whole week without feeding themselves at all (in fact we know that many people actually only come on a Sunday one week in two or one week in three, making their diet more of a 1:13 or 1:20).

Whilst the 5:2 diet may do great things for your waistline, my own personal experience is that the 1:6 spiritual diet will do terrible things to your relationship with God! So here's my encouragement. Get into the habit of feeding yourself every day. Read at least a chapter of the Bible every day (I'm working my way through John's gospel at the moment). Listen to worship music in the car and in the kitchen (I've gone back to listening to some old Hillsong Albums). Talk to God about everything! Spend time with Christian friends actually talking about God and his impact on your life, rather than just how Newcastle were lucky to narrowly avoided relegation this season. Read stuff which is going to build you up. This is one diet where you're allowed to eat as much as you want. I'm thinking of calling it the 7:0 diet!

And whilst you're at it don't forget that the other part of being healthy is to exercise well. Our spiritual exercise is doing the things God wants us to do in life. Looking out for the vulnerable. Sharing our faith. Obeying his promptings.

And if you mess up one day and eat a spiritual cream cake, whatever that might look like for you, then remember we have a God of grace who has fresh mercy for us every morning.

Happy eating and exercising!



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