Saturday, June 15, 2013

Choosing Extraordinary by Helen Cottee

One of my goals as I'm involved in helping lead Kerith is to release the creativity which I believe we all possess. God is a creative God (just take a look at Genesis 1:1) and we made in his image have that creativity in us too.

We will all express that creativity differently. Some of us will do that in ways we normally define creativity such as painting, singing, playing an instrument or writing music. Others will do it in less traditional ways such as restoring cars, building a business, writing software, gardening or baking cupcakes!

Helen Cottee is someone in our community who certainly fits in the former category of creative gifts (I can't comment on her car restoring or cupcake making ability!). Many of you will know her as our worship pastor and a song writer and worship leader, but in the last year she has stepped down from those responsibilities in order to focus on writing a book called "Choosing Extraordinary", which she's now finished. I want to hugely commend Helen for seeing the creative process all the way through to its conclusion, and producing what from the bits I've read looks like an excellent book.

Helen describes her book as follows:

It’s a strange thing to write a book about living an extraordinary life. It can somehow have the power to make you feel anything but extraordinary. In fact on a very regular basis the question slithers through my mind ‘Who on earth am I to be talking about this this?’

But that, my friend, is entirely the point. Who am I? Who is anyone? Where does this niggle inside us to do something noteworthy come from? Were we created to drudge through lives with little regard for our dreams, our eternity or the people around us; or could it be the case that there is something greater planted in each one of us that pushes us on to live a life that matters, to be someone that makes a difference in the world?

This book is my journey into the discovery of 'extraordinary'; it is the shrugging off of the every-day in favour of something bolder. This book embraces the idea that every person has dreams and desires planted in their heart, and that these dreams can and should be fulfilled.

We only get one life, let's make sure we make it an extraordinary one.

You can also read excerpts on Helen's blog. Helen's book is available from the Kerith bookshop and from Amazon. She's also keen to help anyone who would like to use the book in a small group setting, either within Kerith or in other churches. If you're insterested in that you can contact Helen by leaving a comment on her blog.

Well done Helen, and may she encourage the rest of us to step out in our own expression of creativity and choose extraordinary!


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