Friday, June 21, 2013

Family Portrait Series

Last week we started a 4 week series called "Family Portrait", where each week we're looking at a different aspect of what it means to be family and how that helps us understand our relationship with God. Throughout the series, we'll be hearing from different people in our community, learning from their experiences and exploring how the Church are the family of God and that God's desire for us is to build strong families.

The series started last week as we celebrated Fathers Day together, looking at the Father Heart of God and dwelling on the amazing opportunity that we all have to become children of God. Phil Curtis spoke very movingly of his experience of growing up in a children's home - you can listen to it here, beginning with a drama acted out by Ben Lewi.

This week we're looking at family and God's plan for family. I'll be talking to Amanda Wolfram about her experience of raising two great children, Jed and Anna, and seeing what we can learn from them about both building a family, and being a part of God's family.

Then next week we're looking at adoption with Sharon Klitgaard. Adoption, and the idea of us being adopted into God's family, is not an issue we talk about very often and having met Sharon this week to talk about what she's going to say I think it's going to give us a whole new perspective on our relationship with God.

Then in the final week Catrina and I are going to talk about marriage, and our experience of 24 years of marriage.

Hope to catch you on Sunday,



Unknown said...

Hi Simon, we just finished reading an amazing book called home for good by Krish kandiah - all about adoption and what we can do as Christians and a church - very inspiring!

Simon Benham said...

Sounds fascinating Pete - could I borrow it to have a look at as we'd like to explore where we might go with talking about fostering and adoption in future weeks.