Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giving to Grow - July Gift Day

The July "Giving to Grow" gift day is fast approaching on the 7th July. Already we've raised over £116,000 in these gift days, which has allowed us to pay the deposit and legal fees on the house we're buying from Bracknell and Wokingham College, repay a large chunk of the money still owing for the reception redevelopment, upgrade the Brook Lounge, Rochdale Room and the old main office for use by kids, nursing mums and youth on a Sunday and courses and other groups midweek, and give money away nationally and internationally,

The July gift day is all about us raising the money for our new site in Sandhurst (the picture is from our recent All Leaders Meeting which we held in the hall we'll be using in Sandhurst School). We're going to start meeting there on September 15th, and in order to make sure the whole experience there is as good as it is in Bracknell we need to invest in the new site. In total we'd like to raise £100,000 to fund the start up of the new site, which breaks down as follows:

  • £9,000 - Kids Equipment. We want our children's work in Sandhurst to be every bit as good as it is in Bracknell, which means not only having a great team but also giving them the toys and equipment required to create an environment where the children are both safe and feel excited to be there.
  • £1,000 - Youth Equipment. We want to create a relaxed space for the 11-14's to meet in during the adult meeting.
  • £54,000 - Audio Visual Equipment. Much of what we do on a Sunday relies on people being able to clearly see and hear what is going on. This money will allow us to upgrade the PA, lights and projection in the hall at Sandhurst to bring it up to the same standard as we have in the Kerith Centre. It will also be equipment the school will be able to make use of in their productions and events, which is great as we so want to be a blessing to them.
  • £1,500 - Welcome. Our welcome begins as people drive up, so we want banners telling them where we are, car parkers with fluorescent jackets to show them where to park, signs telling them where to go and information boards where they can pick up literature.
  • £7,500 - Publicity. We want to let people know we're in Sandhurst, and remind them we're in Bracknell too! We'll be producing new leaflets to hand out, having a wraparound in the local newspaper and updating all our literature to reflect us being on two sites.
  • £1,500 - Kitchen set up. Serving quality drinks has become part of our culture, giving us a great opportunity to build community with one another. We want to have all the equipment to serve quality drinks in Sandhurst.
  • £20,000 - Facilities Hire. We would love to cover the cost of the first years hire of the school in Sandhurst from the gift day.

Ideally we'd like to raise the whole of that £100,000 in the July gift day. That will allow us to buy all the equipment required in plenty of time for the kick off in September, and to get the upgrades to the school hall installed during the school summer holidays.

Please be thinking and praying about what to give on the 7th. £100,000 might sound like a huge amount of money, but with over 1,000 people attending Kerith on a Sunday that means on average each of us giving £100. Now some of us will be able to give far less than that, but let's believe that whether we are able to give £10 or £10,000, as we all do what we can do then God will do something amazing with our giving and bring in more than we need.



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