Monday, June 10, 2013

In Estonia

I've just landed in Estonia where I've come with Ken Bothamley for a five day trip. We're being looked after by the wonderful Mike and Virge Maton, who many of you will remember from their time in Kerith. The picture is of the house opposite Mike and Virge's - I think this is a place I could feel very at home!

We've come over to visit some of the Estonian churches we work with, especially the church on the island of Kuressaare where our Academy students come from.

Although we work with lots of churches overseas, my approach has always been that it should be other people who go and visit and work with those churches, whilst I focus on building our local Kerith Community. Having said that I try every year to go to one of the countries we are working in - two years ago it was Lithuania, last year it was Albania and this year it is Estonia. Usually those trips are midweek so that I can still be in Kerith the Sunday either side of the trip.

God has put the nations on our heart, and I think we're just at the very beginning of an explosion of nations God is joining us with. My prayer is that as part of that many of our community would get to travel and be a blessing to many other churches around the world. It might be you :-)

Have a great week, and hope to catch you on Sunday for our Fathers Day celebrations - Sunday morning in the Kerith Centre and a hog roast at Oakwood in the evening. Can't wait.



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Arloy said...

Dear Simon, I think Rio de Janeiro is in terrible need of a visit. Would you perhaps send someone there that you trust and has great local knowledge - someone like me??? I am your girl; no language barriers and heat resistant...