Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pete Greig and Prayer Meetings

We were so blessed on Sunday morning to have Pete Greig with us. There was a double bonus for those of us who made both meetings as he preached a different message at the 9 and 11. Both messages should be going up on the website, although only the message from the 9 has been uploaded so far - I'd really encourage everyone to listen to both of them.

In the message at the 11 Pete spoke about prayer being the hinge on which us experiencing God's blessing turns. That times of trouble and testing are inevitable for us, but it is only if we pray that we will see God meeting us supernaturally in the midst of our trouble. Yet if we are willing to pray, then all heavens resources can and will be released at the time of God's choosing.

So let's pray. I encourage all those who can to make it to the prayer meeting this Wednesday from 8-9pm in K2, and to the Social Justice prayer meeting which runs for the preceding hour in the K2 lounge. Sadly I can't be there as I'm in Estonia this week, but please don't let that stop you from coming, or give you an excuse for not being there.

On great thing Pete said, amongst many, was "your prayer life is at its best not when you pray about the big things occasionally but the small things continually". I've decided this week to try to pray about the small things continually, can I encourage you to do the same.

With much love from Estonia,


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