Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Peter Greig with us this Sunday Morning

This Sunday we've got the privilege of having Pete Greig with us for both the 9am and 11am gatherings. Pete is one of the founders of the 24-7 prayer movement, the Director for prayer at Holy Trinity Brompton in London and leads a church called Emmaus Rd in Guildford.

I first came across Pete through his book "God on Mute". In essence it tells the story of Pete's wife Sammy and her battle with a life threatening brain tumour. It wrestles with the huge issues of unanswered prayer and why a loving God would allow people who love him to suffer. I read it around the time we were praying for Janine Jackson not to lose her leg to cancer, and it profoundly shaped me, my prayer life and my relationship with God. If you haven't read it I can't recommend it highly enough.

More recently a number of us heard Pete speak on prayer at the HTB Leadership Conference, and I heard him do possibly the best salvation appeal I've ever heard at the Big Church Day Out! Pease come and hear all that he has to say to us about prayer.

Sadly Pete won't be with us for the 7pm, so please can I encourage all those who normally come to the 7 to come and hear Pete in the morning - you won't regret it. Then at the 7 we'll be having an evening of worship, which lots of people have been requesting for a while.

Hope to see you twice on Sunday!



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