Monday, July 8, 2013

July Give to Grow - One Final Reminder

I hope you had a great weekend, not only all that we got up to in church on Sunday if you made it but also the beautiful weather, and that amazing victory for Andy Murray.

I just wanted to give one final reminder about the July gift day. We should know the total later this week, and I hope to be able to announce it on Sunday, but if you weren't able to give over the weekend, either because you weren't there or didn't come prepared, then please still give so that your contribution can be included in the total. The easiest way to do that is online here (be sure to click on the "Gift Day 2013" button), but you can also drop your gift off at the Kerith Centre if that works better for you.

It will be so brilliant if we can raise be £100,000 we need to fully resource the launch of our new Sandhurst site. Not only will that get our new site off to a great start, but it will also give us the confidence to proceed with a number of projects we want to kick off on the Bracknell site over the summer and in the Autumn. For instance someone asked me on Sunday whether they could have a video of the message, as they had friends with a marriage which was struggling and they thought they it would be much more impactful for them to watch a video of our talk rather than just listen to the audio. Well one of the projects we will kick of in Bracknell if we get the money in will be to buy the kit to allow us to properly film our Sunday gatherings, and make them available for people to watch online.

Thank you to everyone who has already given, and all who are going to give this week - as a leader people's willingness to invest so generously in the vision God has given us is one of my greatest encouragements to keep going - thank you.

Hope you have a great week, especially with the REAL conference on Friday night and Saturday and Kim McManus with us all day Sunday.


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