Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tesco Foodbank Collection - Help Required

This weekend (Friday 5th and Saturday 6th July) Tesco have agreed to allow all Trussell Trust Foodbanks (of which we are one) to do Foodbank collections at all their local Tesco stores. In addition Tesco have pledged to add 30% to everything which is given.


Our Foodbank team could really do with help on both days between 9am and 5pm collecting at the Warfield Tesco store. All you'll need to do is to give people going into the store a list of the food we require, and ask them while they are shopping if they could pop one of the items wanted if they could add to our basket. If you're able to help for an hour or two then please email Pat Hallett at - I know she and the team will so appreciate any help you are able to give.


Our Foodbank team continue to do amazing work. Over the past 40 months they have handled over 3,000 food-vouchers via 57 agencies and received 61 tonne of food while distributing the equivalent of 50,000 meals to a total of 6,285 adults and children. And if you were in church at the 11pm for the baptisms last Sunday you'll have heard the stories of Rob and Gharaman and how their lives have been changed through the work of the Foodbank.


All so exciting.



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