Friday, August 9, 2013

Global Leadership Summit - Day 1

For me one word summed up the first day of the GLS - "empowerment". How do we create churches and organisations where everyone gets to be their best and bring their best, which aren't about one superstar leader looking amazing but about everyone being able to flourish and fulfil their true potential? If you know my heart you'll hopefully know that's of my huge passions for Kerith, so I spent yesterday being very encouraged, challenged and equipped as to how we can do that a whole load better.

One of the things I love about the summit is the range of different speakers we get to hear from. We had Bill Hybels and Chris Brown (both pastors), Colin Powell (General and Presidential advisor), Patrick Lencioni (Business Guru), Liz Wiseman (Leadership Development Expert), Bob Goff (lLwyer) and Mark Burnett (TV Producer). They all came from different angles and perspectives but what they brought dovetailed so well.

I'm so excited that is going to get an opportunity to experience these talks in October. I can't think of anyone in Kerith who wouldn't benefit from hearing them, regardless of whether you're a leader or not. Please take a look at your diary and see what you can do to be free on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October. If you're part of Kerith you can get in at a special rate of £30 - book in at reception any time you're in the Kerith Centre.

Looking forward to day two now!



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