Saturday, August 10, 2013

Global Leadership Summit - Day 2

Yesterday was another remarkable day of receiving from the summit. There were fewer speakers I'd heard of before, but each had their own unique take on what it takes for us to be more effective in leading for God.

Highlights for me were Oscar Muriu, a Kenyan pastor who spoke on his strategy for leadership development, Dr Brené Brown talking about daring to be vulnerable (you can watch her famous TED talk here), Joseph Grenny with a fascinating talk on how best to get people to change their behaviour (great for parents as well as leaders) and Andy Stanley with a whole new perspective on the story of the early church.

We also managed to catch up with Shauna Niequist who is really excited to be speaking again at REAL next year. She's going to be great again.

All in all it's been an incredible privilege to be here, one I never take lightly. It's wonderful to be part of a church which is generous enough to invest in sending me over here - hopefully I can repay that by being a better leader as a result of all that I've heard.

I'll be giving a very strong encouragement to everyone to attend our version of the summit in October. Why not get ahead of the game and sign up this Sunday - you won't regret it.

We fly back tomorrow and get back to the UK late Sunday night. I'm speaking next Sunday (the 18th) so hope to catch you all then if not before.


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