Friday, August 30, 2013

September Gift Days

I'm so looking forward to being back in church this Sunday, having been away at the excellent ONE Event last weekend. We're now only two weeks away from the launch of Kerith Sandhurst which is very exciting. On Sunday the Sandhurst team will actually be doing a dry run of a Sunday with all of the band and venue set up. I'm also going to drive over to Sandhurst between the 9am and the 11am in Bracknell to see what that feels like.

This month we're going to split the "Give to Grow" gift days across two Sundays (the 1st and the 8th September) as we realise a number of people may still be away this weekend. I've been so encouraged by the gift days so far this year, and thought you might like a summary of where we're up to and what we've achieved.

So far this year the gift days have raised £205,000 (including gift aid). This leaves (only) another £105,000 to raise to meet the target for the year.

The money we've raised so far has been spent as follows:

  • Paying for the reception redevelopment we did in 2011 - £76K
  • Sandhurst set up and equipment costs - £54K
  • Bracknell site improvements - £7K
  • Deposit and fees for buying the K2 house - £31K
  • Tithe money to give away - £20K (not all of this has yet been allocated)

That's a brilliant set of things we've been able to do because of all that has been given. The things we still need to raise money to do are:

  • Finally finish paying for the reception redevelopment - £23K
  • Remaining Sandhurst set up costs and first years rent - £46K
  • Bracknell site improvements, including auditorium carpets and a vision mixer - £43K
  • Tithe money to give away - £11K

I'm so grateful to everyone who has given already, and full of faith that we can raise what is left which will allow us to get to the end of 2013 in such a good place as a community. Please be thinking about what you are able to give over the next two Sundays, and if you can't be there consider giving online.

As always if you have any questions on this then please ask.

Hope to catch you on Sunday,


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