Thursday, August 29, 2013

Serenje Update - Please Watch This

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - if that's true then a video most be worth an incredible number of words! Well I want to ask you to try and find a 20 minute slots today where you can sit down and watch a video summarising all that has been going on in Serenje.

Several people have asked me about the latest in Serenje. We're coming towards the end of our five year project there (we'll be talking about what comes next later in the year - rest assured there is a plan to make sure all that has been achieved can be sustained). The raw numbers of what has been achieved are impressive; over 3,000 orphans and vulnerable children helped to get back into school (including 6 children with special needs sent to a specialist school), 1,700 families provided with seed which has helped to give them food security, 550 families given goats and over 100 volunteers and pastors trained to help people living with HIV and AIDS. But for me it's always the individual stories which make the biggest impact. Seeing one life changed because of our generosity.

Tearfund, our UK partner in Serenje, recently sent out a team to record what has been going on in Serenje. The video they produced is brilliant - please find the time to watch it all the way through, and be inspired by what God has done through all of us. And if you gave to any of the Serenje offerings, please know that you have been part of something amazing.

Finally you might want to put the evening of Sunday 27th October at 6pm in your diary. That evening we'll be celebrating all that God has done in Serenje, as well as talking about what happens next - don't miss it!



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