Friday, August 23, 2013

Yvonne Scott

This coming Sunday marks the end of an era as it is Yvonne Scott's last Sunday as our 5-11's children's pastor.
One of the things Bill Hybels talks about as the job of the senior pastor is making "big asks" of people. I did that when a few years ago I asked Yvonne whether she would consider giving up her very successful job with a national Christian children's charity to come and oversee our children's work. At the time our kids work wasn't in a great place, and I can't tell you how excited and relieved I was when Yvonne said yes and came and joined the staff team.
In the five years since she joined the staff Yvonne has overseen a transformation of our kids work. Not only has the content of what the kids do on a Sunday been totally changed, but the number of kids coming has doubled in the time Yvonne has been involved. She and the team she has built have done a magnificent job, and I along with many others who have had children in our Kids ministry are incredibly grateful for all she has done.
Yvonne leaves our kids work in very good hands. Lydia Harris-Lane continues in her role with oversight of all of our children's work on both the Bracknell and Sandhurst sites, with a team of leaders which includes Di Stone, April Hammond, Stacey Omokaro and Nicola Bilcliff.
There will be a goodbye tea party for Yvonne on Sunday 8th September at 1pm in the K2 Hall. Everyone who knows Yvonne is invited - please just let Lydia know that you are going to be there so we can make sure there is enough food. You can do that via the who's who page on the website.
If you see Yvonne please stop to thank her for all she has done. Let's be praying for her and her husband Paul for 'much fruit' in this next season of life for them both.

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