Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Multisite Reflections

Well we did it. After months of praying, thinking, planning, negotiating, giving, serving and praying some more we just had our first Sunday with two sites, Bracknell and Sandhurst.

Sandhurst seemed to go incredibly well. We had 152 people, including 18 children, which was great as we'd prayed for 120-140 on the first Sunday, and all the feedback I've heard has been that it didn't feel like this was something we were doing for the first time - exactly what we hoped to achieve. Ben, Heather and the team did a great job of getting the rooms ready and making sure everyone, including the kids who had a puppet show, felt very welcomed. There were also quite a number of visitors, with people coming via personal invitation, after seeing the wrap around in the local paper and via an advert we put in the Sandhurst residents newsletter - all very exciting.

In the 9am and 11am in Bracknell it was encouraging to see we'd managed to create space with people moving to Sandhurst. Let's pray that we fill that space really quickly! I also managed the drive to Sandhurst and back in time to preach at each meeting (our son Zak was the driver this week - that could have been interesting but he did very well too!).

Finally the new 6pm, with Liam in charge, had a great buzz about it, with the added bonus of someone making a first time commitment at the end of the evening.

I feel we're now in a season of growing into all the space we've created in the four meetings. I'm praying that Sandhurst will grow quickly, with people getting saved and stepping up to volunteer in order to make Sundays happen there. We did manage in the morning meetings to briefly get live video from Sandhurst to Bracknell (via the wonders of Skype), which hopefully will be something we need to do on a regular basis when we need to have two morning meetings in Sandhurst! I'm also praying for the three Bracknell meetings to continue to grow, with new people coming all the time.

All very exciting. A huge thank you everyone who helped make it happen, whichever site you were on. Let's do it all again next Sunday!


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