Friday, September 20, 2013

Multisite Week 2

So having launched our new site in Sandhurst last Sunday we get to do it all again this weekend!

The plan for our new sites is that most weekends we'll have the same preacher and the same message at all 4 meetings. However, we will have a number of Sundays throughout the year where we have different preachers at the different meetings, and this is one of those. Lee Layton-Matthews will be preaching at the 9&11 at Bracknell, Heather Pocock will be preaching at the 10am in Sandhurst and Liam Parker at the 6pm in Bracknell. We've also got two people being baptised at the 6pm gathering.

Please remember to get your Alpha launch tickets on Sunday, and to book in for the GLS which is only three weeks away now.

Next week we start a series called "The Pursuit of Happiness", looking at what the Bible has to say about finding true happiness in life. It's going to be very practical and down to earth, focussing on how we can find happiness through money, sex and power - things both the world and the Bible spend a lot of time focussing on. Don't miss it, and be thinking about who else you can invite along.

Hope to catch you at one of our 4 gatherings - I plan to be there for at least part of all of them so see you there!


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