Monday, September 30, 2013

Thanksgivings on 20th October

One of the things we love to do in Kerith is publicly thanking God for the children he's given us. We'll have an opportunity to do that again on Sunday 20th October in the 9am and 11am in Bracknell and the 10am in Sandhurst.

If you'd like to have a thanksgiving for your child at any of those meetings then please register on the website and Lydia Harris-Lane, who oversees all things related to children in Kerith, will get back to you.

On that Sunday all the children will be in for the first 20 minutes of the meeting in both sites, but you can still register your kids before the meeting starts.

Hopefully we'll have our first thanksgivings in Sandhurst, as well as a whole load of thanksgivings in Bracknell, with lots of guests coming along to see what it's all about too!


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