Thursday, October 24, 2013

2013 Finance Update

Several people have asked me recently for an update on our finances, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post one here (I'll also plan to talk about this in more detail on a Sunday in November).

Our regular giving in 2013 is ahead of target, which is brilliant. To the end of September we had budgeted for offering income of £555,000 and have actually got in £566,000 - putting us £11,000 ahead of budget. That represents an increase of about 5% on 2012 giving, which especially given the economic times we're living in is fantastic.

The Give to Grow gifts days have also gone very well. Against the target we set at the start of the year of £310,000 we've so far this year raised just over £240,000. This leaves us just over £69,000 to raise in the gift days in November and December. Already we've been able to do so much with that money, including paying off all the interest free loans on reception, buying the house behind K2, launching our Sandhurst site and upgrading rooms on the Bracknell site. I'm really praying that we can raise that remaining money as there are still some projects we want to fund this year, including new carpets in the Kerith Centre auditorium and corridors, upgrading our Sunday kids registration to work electronically, paying next years rent on the Sandhurst site and giving us another £7,000 in tithe to give away.

On top of all this we've also managed to build up £25,000 in reserves so far this year. That's well short of our eventual target of having three months income (currently about £210,000) in a reserves fund, but is a good step on the way of where we want to get to.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in giving this year, whether you've been able to give a little or a lot. Jesus taught us that in life we reap what we sow, I know that both in this life and the one to come you will reap so much more than you have chosen to sow.

As always if you have any questions on any of this please ask, either via the website, email, Facebook, Twitter or (my favourite) actually coming and saying hello on a Sunday!


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