Friday, October 4, 2013

If we each gave £67....

This Sunday is our next "Give to Grow" Gift Day. This is a series of gift days we've been having throughout 2013 with a goal to raise


This money was to allow us to launch our new site in Sandhurst, finish paying for all the improvements we did to the Kerith centre reception a couple of years ago, pay the deposit and legal fees to allow us to buy the K2 house and make a number of improvements to the Kerith Centre and K2. We also aim to give away 10% of all the money that comes in.

So far this year we've done brilliantly, with


coming in including gift aid. Thank you so much to everyone who has given. That leaves us with a mere


to raise by the end of the year!

That may sound like a lot, but if each of us going to Kerith on Sunday were to give


and gift aid it then we'd reach the target. That somehow feels much more achievable. So please be thinking and praying about what you are going to give.

We've achieved so much this year through these gift days. Launching Sandhurst, buying the K2 house, paying off £76,000 of the costs for the redevelopment of reception, improving our facilities including buying a vision mixer and giving away over £20,000. However, there are still things we want to achieve in terms of more equipment to buy and rent to pay for Sandhurst, finishing paying for reception, recarpeting the Kerith Centre auditorium and giving more money away.


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