Thursday, October 10, 2013

Laptops for Serenje

Last Sunday Ralph Allen and Howard Reece-Smith headed out to Zambia to visit Serenje. Ralph is going out to review the plans for the building of the dormitory and meet with the builder. Howard is going to be working with the hospital out there helping to train the doctors and other medical staff.

If you know Howard you'll know that he likes to travel with very little luggage. We therefore thought it would be amusing to add to his luggage 30 laptops which Garth Hill College have donated to schools in Serenje!

Hopefully by now the laptops will be in Serenje, being delivered to the primary and secondary schools where they are going to be used. For many of the schools this will be their first computer - how cool is that!

I want to say a huge thank you to the staff at Garth for their generosity in making these laptops available, to Pip Reeve who has done an amazing job in sorting all the logisitcs to get them out the Zambia, to Howard and Ralph for being willing to take them, and to all the teachers in Serenje who will be working hard to make the most of what for them will be an incredibly precious resource.

Please also be praying for Howard and Ralph, espcially that they will have wisdom and success in getting the dormitory built as quickly, as well and as cheaply as possible.



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