Friday, October 18, 2013

Wallpaper Removers Required

One of the things we've done this year is to buy the house behind K2. In the long term we've bought the house to give us the future option of knocking it down and extending K2 into the space created. However, in the short to medium term we want to use it to house local people in need of accomodation.

Lorraine Wade is overseeing a project to get the house renovated so that people can move in. As part of that she wants to organise working parties for Tuesday 22nd and Friday 25th October from 10am to 4pm to strip wallpaper, do sanding, remove carpets and a load of other jobs which need doing to get the house ready. Also if any has any wallpaper stripping equipment that would be a great help.

If you can help, even for an hour or two, please phone Lorraine on her work mobile, 07591 579 149. She'd love to hear from you.

Keep watching the blog as even if you can't make these dates I'm sure there will be other opportunities to get involved.


Ps this blog originally had a slightly different title, but I changed it as I was worried quite who Lorraine might get applying :)

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