Monday, November 18, 2013

Brené Brown GLS Talk Online

I know that for many people their favourite talk at this years GLS was the one by Brené Brown on vulnerability - my wife wrote a great blog about the impact it's having on her here. I also know that lots of people were disappointed that Brené's talk wasn't on the GLS DVD set sold at the Summit.

Well Willow have now made her talk available online if you're part of a WCA member church, which Kerith is. You just need a password, which you can get by emailing Willow here and telling them that you're attending either Kerith or another church which is part of the Willow Creek Association in the UK. The talk is going to be available on the website until the 9th January.

To get to the talk go here and then enter the password you got from Willow. You then need to scroll down to and click on "On-Demand Videos for Members" which will take you to the talk by Brené and a number of the other talks from both this years GLS and previous years.

Happy viewing, and let me know how your journey of vulnerability is going - it's the only way to live as the person God created you to be.


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Unknown said...

really liked this talk - great recommendation, having not been able to see this at the gls. Thanks! Pete M