Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give to Grow - The Finishing Line

This Sunday is the last of our Give to Grow gifts days. So far this year we've raised an amazing £255,000 which has allowed us to do a whole load of things including:

  • Launching the Sandhurst site
  • Paying off all the interest free loans on the reception redevelopment
  • Paying the deposit and legal fees to buy the house behind K2
  • Improving our Bracknell site - equipping rooms for nursing mums and years 5-6 on a Sunday, buying a vision mixer and more
  • Give away over £20,000 to local, national and international charities

The goal for the year was £310,000 which means we've only got another £55,000 to go. It would be amazing if we could burst through that finish line rather than collapse just short of it (if you know what I mean). I therefore want to encourage all of us to think about what we can give, whether that's a little or a lot.

If we get the money it will allow us to pay next years rent for Sandhurst School, replace the carpet in the auditorium and the back corridor in the Kerith Centre and hopefully build an access route for Sundays down the side of K2.

We could get that £55,000 if everyone on Sunday gave £44 and gift aided it, but we know in reality that isn't going to happen (not unless we raid the piggy bank of our 200 under 11's anyway). So here's another example of how it could happen:

  • 1 person could give £5,000
  • 10 people could give £1,000
  • 20 people could give £500
  • 40 people could give £250
  • 100 people could give £100
  • 150 people could give £50
  • 100 people could give £20
  • 100 people could give £5

It's amazing how it all adds up. So please decide in advance what you're going to give and let's burst across that finish line.

If you're not around on Sunday please still give via the website here.

Thanks so much - you're an amazing community.


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