Thursday, November 7, 2013

Remembrance and Bonfires

This coming Sunday we'll be having a minutes silence in all four meetings to remember those who have risked and given their lives in defence of the freedoms all of us enjoy. We'll do this as a part of our worship.

Liam Parker will also be speaking in all four meetings. After Ben Pocock kicked us off so well describing what an "Open House" lifestyle looks, like Liam will be reflecting on our need for the "Bonfire" of the Holy Spirit to be at work in every area of our lives. Then next Sunday I'll attempt to bring those two threads together and talk about the tension of being both very aware of people exploring God in our midst, whilst also creating an environment where they can experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hope to catch you on Sunday.


Ps - I heard a lovely story from Kay Foulger on Sunday of how her dad used Sankeys Hymn Book to send secret messages home during the Second World War - you can read about it here.

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