Friday, December 6, 2013

An Exciting Weekend

Please don't miss church this Sunday.

First up Catrina is speaking at all 4 meetings on "The Perfect Gift" - I've seen the outline and it's an inspiring talk. There's also a Christmas giveaway for everyone who comes - be sure to get yours.

Secondly there's some incredibly exciting news on the final total for the "Give to Grow" gifts days. I'm not going to say any more - you'll need to be there to hear it :)

On top of that there will be our regular opportunity to worship God, meet old friends and make some new ones and generally enjoy being God's people together.

If that's not enough then tonight LIFE (our youth) are meeting at the Holy Trinity church building across the road for "Chapel Life", and tomorrow afternoon our social justice team are hosting a party where the toys and toiletries we've been collecting over the last few weeks will be given to people to give as presents on Christmas Day. Check out this photo of all the toys - it's so great to think that parents who wouldn't have otherwise been able to give their children gifts now will be able to.

Hope you have a great weekend,



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Unknown said...

Wow! I love that we are so committed to investing in the community :)