Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Day - Dormitory Offering

Just a reminder that in Christmas Day our offering will go towards building and kitting out the girls dormitory in Serenje. We've already raised over £140,000 towards making this happen, and now just need another £71,000 to get us over the finish line. My prayer is that a good chunk of that will come in on Christmas Day.

Personally I know that for Christmas lots of my family will give me money. My plan is to buy a pair of running shoes (my current ones are about four years old) and then give whatever is left to the dormitory project. Having met some of the girls who currently have to live in the slum in Serenje I know that whatever I give will go on having an impact for years to come, helping to transform the lives of hundreds of girls who because of the dormitory will be able to complete their secondary school education.

I know that many of us are going to be blessed this Christmas. Blessed with presents. Blessed with time with friends and family. Blessed with nice food and drink. Blessed with time to slow down a bit. But there's a spiritual principle which says that whenever we're blessed it's always in order that we can be a blessing. Please think about making the offering for the dormitory one of the ways you express being a blessing this year. If you can't make it on Christmas Day then you can still give online here. Thank you.

Hope to catch you in at least one of our three gatherings still left to go this year :)



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