Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Favourite Apps - #7 - Podcasts

OK so this isn't that amazing an app in itself. What's brilliant about the Podcasts app is what it allows you to do. To find world class audio content from around the world, and then to automatically download it every time a new talk goes up so you can listen to it on the go. And all for free. I use it to listen to stuff when I'm in the gym, on the train, driving and even sitting here writing this blog. Time which often otherwise could have been wasted, but which now becomes an opportunity to learn, to be inspired and to find more courage.

Once upon a time if you wanted to listen to great sermons or talks from conferences you either had to be there live, or spend what was quite often a small fortune buying tapes or CDs of the talks. The internet has changed all that, making it possible for any organisation to record talks and then upload them to allow anyone to listen to them anywhere in the world, with no financial cost to anyone involved.

What to listen to? Well the app includes a search function, so to start with just type in the name of your favourite preacher, or church which inspires you, subscribe to their channel and you're away. Every time they upload a new talk it will be downloaded ready for you to listen to.

Personal favourites for me are Andy Stanley's leadership podcast, talks from the Catalyst conference and anything by Erwin McManus or Craig Groeschel. I know others who regularly listen to the talks from Willow, Bill Johnson and Bethel and of course catch up on Kerith talks people have missed. On a lighter note I really enjoy the film reviews Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo do every Friday afternoon on Radio 5 Live!

I'd love to know what you've found that inspires or amuses you.


Ps Just to say a huge thank you to Geoff Hawke and his team who every week take the Kerith talks, edit them and then post them on our podcast - we salute you :)


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