Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A morning with John Burke

On the morning of Saturday 8th February our good friend John Burke is going to be speaking at a Willow Creek seminar we are hosting in Bracknell.

It would be true to say that John, through his books and more recently through us getting to know him personally, has been on of the primary influencers of the culture of Kerith. When I first read his book "No Perfect People Allowed" I realised he was not only describing many of the challenges we were facing at the time as a church, but also helping us to chart a course through them. His phrase "come as you are, but don't stay that way" describes much of the ethos of what we are trying to achieve. And the idea that we can't change anybody - all we can do is create an environment, the soil, where God can do what only He can do - shapes much of our leadership and disciple making thinking.

The morning runs from 9am through to 1.30pm, and is hopefully going to be a small enough gathering that we can get to interact with John, his ideas and his experience. Several people have asked me whether they can come if they're not leading a church. Absolutely. John has so much to teach all of us about how we build churches, ministries and small groups which genuinely impact the culture rather than just gathering a holy huddle. If that's your heart to I'd strongly encourage you to be there.

All the details, including booking details and loads of videos of John and Gateway, the church he leads in Austin Texas, are on the Willow website.

We were hoping John would be able to speak at Kerith on the Sunday, but sadly he's flying off to his next engagement on the Sunday morning, so if you want to catch him this is your opportunity!

Hope to see you there,



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