Thursday, January 23, 2014

All Leaders Meeting

Our next All Leaders Meeting is on Tuesday 28th January, from 7.45-9.30 pm. Normally this would only be open to Kerith leaders, but given the changes currently taking place on out staff team I want to open this meeting up to anyone who would like to come. I'll explain in more details why the changes are happening, as well as answering any questions people may have. I'll also talk about other things coming up in the life of Kerith, especially around how we are looking to get better in 2014.

Normally we'd hold these meetings in K2, but given the number of people who came to the last prayer meeting we've moved it to the Kerith Centre balcony. I know this isn't ideal for anyone who can't make it up the stairs but there isn't another space we can use - we will arrange a camera feed to the TV in reception for anyone who can't get up the stairs. We'll also serve tea and coffee at the start.

Finally parking may be an issue. If you can car share that would really help - we'll also attempt to get the surgery car park to give us some more space.


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