Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book Your 24-7 Prayer Slots

It's not long now until we start our month of 24-7 prayer. The plan is to pray through the whole of February, following the pattern established by Pete Greig and others in the 24-7 prayer movement (if you'd like to know more of the history of the 24-7 prayer movement then I thoroughly recommend Pete's book "Red Moon Rising".

As I write the upstairs of the Studio (the small building on the Kerith Centre car park where the creative team hang out) is being converted into a prayer room, creating an environment which will hopefully inspire us to pray. We're getting a keypad fitted to the door of the studio to allow 24 hour access to the building without anyone needing a key.

Throughout February the room can be booked in one hour slots. You can either book it for exclusive use, which means you'll have it all to yourself, or you can book a slot where others are free to join you. All the bookings are done online here. When you book you'll get a confirmation email, and then an hour before your slot starts you'll get either an email or a text with the key code to get into the studio. If you know people who don't have access to the internet then please let them know they can book by phoning the Kerith Centre reception (01344 862699), although they will need a mobile phone number to get the text with the key code in.

If you're facing an issue at the moment, perhaps as we spoke about on Sunday one that is causing you anxiety, why not book some slots in the prayer room to take the issue to God. Or perhaps you'd like to gather with others to pray together for a specific ministry, or just spend an hour praising God or listening to him. Whatever it is I encourage you to book in, especially some of those early morning slots which may not be quite so popular!

Any questions then please ask. Otherwise happy booking :)



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