Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Favourite Apps - #8 - Waze

When iPhones and other smartphones first made their appearance, if you wanted to use your phone as a satnav you needed to spend £50 or more to buy the TomTom app which was pretty much the only satnav app available. That's all changed now with a whole host of free satnav apps, including Google maps and after quite a few false starts Apple's own maps app.
Waze is another one of those many satnav apps, but what makes Waze different is that it relies on information provided by the community of people using it to make it better. So for instance as you're driving around it will spot if you're going slowly and use that information to help others find a quicker route. You can tell it if you're stuck in traffic because of an accident or road works. You can enter the price of petrol at local petrol stations so that other people can find the cheapest deals. You can even see where other Waze users are around you and chat to them if you want.

There's something I really like about the idea of taking a regular app, and using the power of a community of people using it to make it do something even more powerful. I'm sure there's a really good sermon analogy in there somewhere!



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