Friday, January 10, 2014

Where's LinK Gone?

The astute amongst you will have noticed that we didn't give out a new LinK magazine in December (for anyone who has never heard of LinK it's the Kerith magazine we've done termly for the last 4 years - you can catch up on all the past issues here).

The LinK magazine has served two primary purposes for us as a community:

  • As great place to tell stories of lives being changed in and through Kerith and talking more generally about what we're up to as a church
  • As a way of finding out about all the forthcoming events which are coming up in our community

As we reviewed LinK, and got feedback from people reading it, we realised it was serving the first purpose, as a place to tell stories, really well. However, in our rapidly changing world trying to have one place where we talked about everything coming up for the next 4 or 5 months wasn't working so well. We're therefore going to change what we do.

LinK will carry on, but primarily as a way of telling stories - as Rachel Hickson said on Sunday communicating the message which has come through our mess. Suzanne Whitton will continue to led the amazing team of volunteers producing LinK, but it will appear less frequently and probably have more pages. This will be a great resource, not only for us to be inspired by but also for us to give to other people.

To keep up to date with all the events and courses running at Kerith Community Church the Communication team are launching eReveal. This is an interactive email will be sent to you monthly with dates and times of our regular courses and one off events coming soon to Kerith. There will be links to the website, allowing you access to the relevant pages to find more information and sign up for courses easily.

The first one of these went out at the beginning of January. If you are already in our CCB* system you should have received the first one. If you're on CCB and didn't get it then try checking your spam folder - that's where mine ended up! If you aren't on CCB then you can sign up here, or follow the link on the ‘What’s on’ page of our kerith website.

Finally we will have some paper copies of eReveal at the Kerith Centre reception for anyone who isn't on email. If you know anyone in that category please let them know so they can continue to be kept updated.

We’d love any feedback to this esend so email ideas or comments to



*CCB stands for Church Community Builder – an online tool to connect with others in our church. If you're new to Kerith CCB or have forgotten your password, register a request to join (it takes about a week for us to process these). There are easy to use instructions and your privacy is guaranteed. Please read more and sign up here.


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