Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prayer Room now booking for March

One of the big fears of church leaders (well this one at least) is that somehow we're just gathering a crowd who enjoy being entertained on a Sunday but who have little appetite for God - people who are consumers rather than being consumed by God. That's also one of the accustions sometimes thrown at churches like ours, which probably only adds to my paranoia!

Knowing that you'll understand why I get far more excited about hearing of one changed life in our community than I do getting the stats about how many people turned up on Sunday (important and encouraging as those stats are).

You'll also understand why I've been so thrilled by the response to the prayer room we set up for February. Seeing the desire and thirst for prayer in our community, with hundreds of people booking in to pray, often at totally unsocial hours of the night, has encouraged me in a way few things we've done since I started leading Kerith have. Individuals, small groups, friends, ministry areas, young people, not so young people, all with a heart to seek God and spend time with him. Inspiring.

Lot's of people have been asking what is going to happen beyond the end of February - well the good news is that we're going to keep the prayer room going, at least until the end of June when we'll review it again. We've now opened booking to the end of March, so get in there and book before all the slots go - you can book in here.

Hopefully we'll soon improve the booking system with texts to give you the code to get in as well as the email which I know doesn't work well for eveyone. Until then it's a good excuse to get a smartphone!

Happy praying,


ps - the photo at the top is of one of the blackboards in the prayer room - recorded for posterity before at some point it gets cleaned for new thoughts to be added. For anyone who hasn't been in the prayer room the photos below will give you an idea of what you're in for when you book in - thanks to John Mitchell for the pictures and to Lee Layton-Matthews and the gang who initially set up the prayer room.


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