Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prayer Room Update

Even just a few days in there seems to have been a great response to our new 24-7 prayer room. Both the number of people praying and the feedback on how the room itself is inspiring and facilitating prayer is so exciting to hear. I was in there this morning with the finance prayer meeting which worked so well in the new space - it was also great to get to say hi to Leon Johnson who had the slot before us and Steve Tickner who was after us - you never know who you're going to meet!

Some of the things I love about the room are:

  • The sense of peace and calm in the room
  • The views over Bracknell from the windows - inspiring prayer for our area
  • The different areas in the room - sofas, a desk, bean bags inspiring different styles of prayer
  • The books and other resource scattered around the room
  • The tea and coffee making facilities!
  • The inspirational posters around the walls (thanks to HTB for letting us use your artwork)
  • The funky mood creating LED lights
  • The cross covered in post-it's with the names of people to pray for
  • The blackboard wall covered in scriptures and answers to prayer

Huge thanks to Lee Layton-Matthews and his team who created this amazing space for us (and for the photos).

For those who used the prayer room over the first couple of days you'll be pleased to know there's now an improved entrance system with a keypad rather than having to get a key. You'll be emailed the code for the keypad an hour before you pray. Thanks to our site services team for making that happen.

If you haven't made it there I encourage you to either book a slot on your own, or join others in a shared slot - you can book online here. For those who have already been there then let's keep on making use of it and just see what God will do as we cry out to him. Already last Sunday we had 6 people making first time commitments - that's a great start!



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