Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ten Talks

This Sunday is one of our ever popular Ten Talks Sundays (what used to be called Ten10 until we started a fourth meeting and it became Ten13, which isn't quite so catchy).

If you've never been to one of these then in each meeting different people in our community get to "have a voice" for ten minutes, 3 people in each of the morning meetings and 4 in the evening. This time round they're all going to be speaking on prayer, which is appropriate as we're in a month of prayer!

You might just think this about people "having a go", but what's amazing is how every time we've done it God speaks so clearly through what people bring. Please come along not just to support the people involved, but much more expecting to hear from God and be challenged by Him.

After Sunday our amazing volunteer podcast team will put all the talks up on the internet. Please bear a thought for them as we've been working them very hard recently - with 8 different talks across the last two Sundays in addition to this - as I said they are amazing :)


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