Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Russ Kline at March Prayer Meeting

Those of you who have been around Kerith for a while may remember a guy called Russ Kline who, something like 15 years ago, visited us for an evening with his wife Kim. Well a couple of months ago I got to have lunch with Russ and felt that it would be good to invite him to be with us again.

Russ has a powerful prophetic ministry and I know a number of us were impacted by words he and his wife spoke over us last time they were here. In the years since we last saw him his ministry has developed, and he now has a vision for the prophetic speaking into business, government and wider society as much as it continuing to impact the local church.

We've given over our next all church prayer meeting on Wednesday 12th March to be a prophetic evening with Russ (sadly Kim won't be with him this time). He'll do some teaching on the prophetic and then we'll see what happens :)

It's going to be in K2 (Alpha is running in the Kerith Centre with over 40 guests booked on already) so both car parking and space in K2 may be a challenge (we hope to have the surgery car park too). However, we like challenges, especially ones which involve running out of space. Please car share where possible and don't miss what should be a great evening.



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