Friday, April 4, 2014

New Carpets - Vote on what we do when values collide

The new carpet in the Kerith Centre auditorium is being put in next week - huge thanks to everyone who gave to the Give to Grow gift days to make this possible.

A number of people have asked me how we're going to make sure the new carpet stays clean, especially with our ability to pour cups of tea and coffee all over the current one! Well for one thing we hopefully won't wait 25 years before we change it again. I'm also assured the new carpet has lots of treatments on it which should make it much easier to keep clean.

However, this does raise the interesting issue of what we do when two different values collide.

The first of those values for us is excellence - excellence which honours God and inspires people. Excellence would say that we wouldn't allow any drinks in the auditorium, in fact in an ideal world we wouldn't even allow people in the auditorium!

But we have a second value, which is community - that we are a family. Part of that community is chatting over a tea or a coffee, something which has become a very natural part of our Sunday gatherings.

In an ideal world we'd have a big enough reception area for everyone to comfortably have their drinks in there. That would allow us to combine our values of both excellence and community (ignoring all the drinks that get spilt on the reception carpet!). However, sadly that isn't the case so we've got a decision to make. Options as I see them are:

  • Don't have any drinks other than water on a Sunday
  • Don't allow drinks in auditorium and just put up with the reception area being very crowded.
  • Allow drinks in the auditorium, but enforce people having lids on the cups to try and limit any spillage and so make cleaning easier
  • Allow drinks in the auditorium and just do our best to keep the carpet clean

I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on this - so interested in fact that I've set up a little survey where you can express your thoughts - you can find it here. Please take a moment to fill it in and next week I'll let you know the results.



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