Friday, April 25, 2014

New name for CCB

Just over a year ago we started using a new online database called CCB (Church Community Builder) to try and help facilitate our online interactions, including arranging rotas, events booking, calendar management, messaging and much, much more.

In reality it's taken us quite a while to begin to get our heads round how to use it properly and we've not always made it as easy to use as it should have been. However, we're now starting to use it much more extensively, and are beginning to see some of the benefits it can bring. For instance we're in the process of switching to electronic registration of children on a Sunday which is both quicker and more secure, many of our rotas are now online where anyone in the relevant teams can see them and update their availability, and we're getting better at making things like online room booking available. Part of us getting better this year is making sure we get as much benefit as possible from CCB and all it can do.

One thing we'd like to do is to come up with a new name for CCB - as to be honest it doesn't mean anything to anyone! So could you help us come up with a more relevant and Kerith related name that we can use in our communications but will be easy and fun to remember? An acronym that will actually make sense to people!

When decided the link on front page of the website will change, so if you come up with the greatest name you prize will be that your suggestion will be on the Kerith website for ever more (or at least until next time we change it!). If you do have any suggestions then please email them to - I'll let you know the winning suggestion when it's been decided on.

Thanks and hope you have a great weekend.


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Diwakar said...

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