Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Serenje Dormitory Progress - Sponsor a Girl

The building of the Serenje Girls' Dormitory is going really well, as you can see from these pictures.

With so much progress being made we now need to start working on getting the dormitory fitted out. We estimate the furniture and other equipment required for each girl will cost around £240. We've set up a website where people can choose either to buy all that equipment for one girl, or pay:

  • £100 for a bunk bed
  • £60 for a table
  • £50 for a mattress
  • £30 for a chair

You can find all the details here. We've already raised over £200,000 so we really are on the final straight. Please take a look at the website and think about what you could do.

There are pictures of 100 Serenje girls who are representative of each of the girls who will end up in the dormitory. As each girl is sponsored the text under her photo goes green so we can see very easily how we're doing.

Thank you so much,


Ps - a huge thank you to Lee Rowbotham and Pip Reeve who have done all the work to get the website up and running.


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