Friday, May 30, 2014

Ten Talks

This Sunday we've got our ever popular Ten Talks, where different people from our community get to speak for ten minutes. This time they're all going to be speaking from the gospel of John, following on from our series spending 21 days in John.

In the 9am in Bracknell Anja Davies, Tim Farley and Lisa O'Brien are speaking.

In the 10am in Sandhurst we've got Lorraine Hart, Bernard Watsulu and Graham Foxwell.

In the 11am in Bracknell it's Dan McNab, Emily O'Neil and Adam Bilcliff.

Finally at the 6pm in Bracknell it's Connor Whiteside, Catherine Barrett and Emily O'Neil (again!).

Please come along, support those being brave enough to get up there and come expecting to hear from God.



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