Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finance Prayer Meeting Changes

On the 28th June 2011 I wrote a blog saying that we were going to restart the finance prayer meeting at 6am every Thursday morning - a prayer meeting which we'd had years earlier when we were building and paying for the Kerith Centre.

Initially the prayer meeting was restarted so we could pray for the £250,000 required to redevelop the Kerith Centre reception. Since then it's become for me one of the key times in my week, and we've seen some huge answers to prayer in relation to both money and buildings. These have included:

  • The £250,000 required to redevelop reception and the tech desk
  • Over £200,000 raised for the main Serenje project
  • Over £200,000 raised for the Serenje girls dormitory
  • £100,000 raised to launch our Sandhurst site
  • £50,000 to improve the Kerith Centre and K2, including the new auditorium carpet
  • Buying the K2 house, including raising £30,000 for the deposit and legal fees
  • Our reserves growing from nothing to over £100,000
  • The provision of the K4 shop, the Barn, Sandhurst school and the warehouse

I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones which immediately come to mind.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's come and joined us to pray over the last 3 years. I realise that many of us who never made a Wednesday have prayed for the things I've mentioned above in church prayer meetings and at other times, and that for lots of people early on a Wednesday doesn't work, but for all who have made it I'm incredibly grateful.

I now feel it's time to make some changes to this prayer meeting.

First we're going to stop for the summer. The last gathering will be on Thursday 10th July, we'll start again on Thursday 4th September.

Secondly we're going to change the time. Not being a morning person 6am is a killer for me, especially if I've got a late meeting on Wednesday or Thursday evening, so we're going to move the meeting to a 7am start.

Finally I want to change the focus of the prayer meeting to be not just finance but "things the senior pastor would really like us to pray for" (I'll try and come up with a snappier version of that!). This will include finance but give us freedom to pray for a whole load of other things too.

Hope that all makes sense - if not please ask :)


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Unknown said...

Great idea Simon. It was kind of happening anyway. And 6.00 a.m. was a real struggle for me too.